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November 26, 2011

Tiger Walking Downhill

Tiger Walking Downhill – Live Sessions 2010
noise, electronic, free improv

Live recordings from Kacper Ziemianin and Peter Smith
with guest appearence of James Stephen Finn and Hubert Winczyk.

Limited edition of 50 copies with hand-printed CDs.
Available at Tiger’s gigs.
Download coming soon.

Design by Kamil Korolczuk and Polina Joffe

October 3, 2010


Smith/Ziemianin/Finn – Live @ Mining for Gold, Resonance FM

Noise improv session by Peter Smith, Kacper Ziemianin and James Stephen Finn live at Resonance FM.


August 15, 2010

Ghostman – m3

Ghostman – m3
broken beat/IDM/electronica

Kacper Ziemianin aka Ghostman presents his broken beats,
crazy rhythms and abstract electonic sounds coming
from his self-made instruments and controllers.